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Classic dillema of recruiter.
On the one hand - each C-level manager produces dozens speaches quarterly about subjected talent-management and entrepreneurial thinking
On the other hand - candidates with an entrepreneurial past are hardly manageble and prone to change workplaces.

Second reason is heavier. Recrutiers don't want to consider enterpreneurs.

I search for business-contacts in LinkedIn very often. I know how to search valuable contacts.

I searched for the founder of the Netherland startup. And typed just "founder", without company name.

I've noticed something. I was shocked.

First and last lines are the Univercities. It looks logical - business-schools need enterpreneurs to deliver best practices to students.

ING, ABN, Philips has two hundreds hired ex-founders each. Can you imagine? Two hundreds enterpreneurs onboard. That is real potential.
Booking.com - 125 ones.

How many ex-founders your company has hired, my dear CEO?

Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.