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Spherical strategy in vacuum

Let’s imagine, my dear CEO, three young fresh entrepreneurs. Each of them has the kiosk located on very popular bazaar.
Let’s imagine also that each of these boys wants to grow his business.
Naturally, they have very personal vision what is growth.
But for one of them growth means more kiosks in the same location.
For second one it means more kiosks in different cities, joined to the market.
And last one wants to sell his kiosk and purchase built-in discounter shop close to his flat.
It is simple. Invited adviser could paint best development strategy ever – but this strategy must somehow match to the image of growth in the owner’s brain.
Advisers are very persuasive boys. They can prove their position – as well as they can prove opposite position easily.
Owners are not so flexible. The owner can accept non-native strategy. But he will never perform it. Never. So, strategy creation without business-owner is absolutely useless thing.


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