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The sense of budgeting.

Budgeting? Rebudgeting? Cost cutting?
Stupid words, my dear CEO.
Let me explain why.
Your business must have the goal. Or goals, no matter.
Then, you must have set of projects how to reach goals. Agree?
Then, each project must have the plan of implementation. Clear?
Then, each item of the plan needs some resources. Simple?
Then, these resources have price – it should be your budget.
Cost cutting? Fire your CFO!!!
At first you must decide: your goal is unreal or outdated?
Or your projects are fiction?
Or your plans are wrong?
Or some of items needs another amount of resources?
Or price of the resource had been changed?
Each option needs separate decision.
And most stupid action you could do is to take scissors and to start cutting your budget.

Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.