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My way of implementation

Do you know, my dear CEO, how implementation of ERP usually works?
1. Choosing of the system.
2. Choosing of the implementer.
3. Collecting client's requirements.
4. Description of client's processes.
5. Optimization of just described processes.
6. Coding of just described and optimized processes.
7. Teaching of client's staff. Creating user's manuals.
8. Launching the system.
Anything strange? Everything!
My way is different.
I always say that just one assumption would be essential for the ERP implementation.
“We confess that our management approach and our management processes had gone to the stuck and it paralyzes of a company's growth. We want to change the situation.”
Feel the difference, my dear CEO. Your processes are wrong. It is precondition, not subject of discussion.
So, do you still think that description of wrong processes if right idea? Me – not.
So, my step-by-step implementation processes.
1. Discovering of the proper industrial model thru ALL possible systems.
2. Learning ALL short-listed systems – manuals, test environments – by top-management team.
a. Creating the list of oppositions.
3. Analysis “I’m not agree with”.
4. Choosing the system with most transparent and understandable managerial processes.
5. Examining the management team to have confidence that whole managerial team trusts managerial model of the chosen ERP system.
6. Creating the list of additional requirements (localization, connecting to the equipment, etc)
7. Coding
8. Teaching of client's staff.
9. Launching the system.
Feel the difference, my dear CEO.
In “Usual way” 6 out of 6 cooperated steps should be done by implementer
In “My way” – it is just 2 out of 9 steps.
In “Usual way” you have expensive and unclear system which has implemented all mistakes of your old management model.
In “My way” you have cheap and described system which has implemented the best practices of world leaders.
There is just one point "My way" lose. It is a time and an involvement of your team. Your team must use a brain. Sorry for that.

Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.