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Implementation of ideas

You know, my dear CEO - I make my money on consulting.

Circle of my clients is always very small. They are honorable persons and we do not need any recommendations to each other.
I am not as rude to my new clients as to say them: “Could you please be so kind to pay this invoice for first 20 hours of consulting before our first conversation?” I always have small talk about client’s business and problems first. To make client sure in my expertise, I can ask something can clarify something can tell my fairytales…. I even can describe a draft of my possible actions – permanently emphasizing that my opinion would change after discovering of client’s problem.
Sometime client says “thanks!” shakes my hand takes a contract and invoice and…. disappears.
Later I heard about them from our mutual friends. They were very dissatisfied with my CONSULTING SERVICE (??????). They showed the implementation of my ideas. Like that:


Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.