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No processes without products

What is the main mistake I always see in your businesses, my dear CEO?

That is the processes.

Do you know what process is, my dear CEO? Let’s see the definition:

Business process, activities that produce a specific service or product for customers.

See? Let me explain. Establishing process is pretty simple and cheap way to produce something. To produce some product.

It is clear and easy for your manufacturing.
But for your internal cuisine it looks not so obvious. CHRO, CFO, security boss easily establish and describe hundreds of processes without the basement. Without the product. Without the goal.

Can you imagine your chief manufacturing, who’s asking you to involve a dozen of employees to productless process? Of course not.

But back-office departments do it each days. Policies and updates, marked all@, spend time of your employees each day.

Try to ask the author – why this process is established?
What is the answer? Some reasons. Traditions. Requirements. Bug fixing. But not PRODUCT.

Productless processes have their own lifecycle. One productless process could generate dozens of other productless processes. And even if root process is killed – its subgenerated processes affect to your business.

Do you remember famous “No taxation without representation”, my dear CEO?

It is time to say “No processes without products”.


Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.