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Dura lex? Not for all?

I really do not understand the situation with refugees.
EU has laws and rules. According to these rules, the refugee must ask for the status in the country of entrance, correct? Then he should be directed to other countries.
Of course, no one want to be directed to Portugal of Romania – poor countries with very small social support. However, moving to Austria\Germany\UK these guys have started breaking the law – and, Austria\Germany\UK allow them to do it. As for me – refugees, who asked for the status NOT on border – must be turned back to their countries. Now they break rules, they are not law-abiding and they are not going to be one.
If EU society wants to have refugee as law-abiding part of – we must ask them to comply with our rules from scratch.
Now they break minor rules – and ask for mercy because of war (in real – it is not minor rules: for Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian citizens breaking these rules could cost lifetime ban for EU visa issuing).
Then they will start stealing, raping, murdering – and ask for mercy again because of war.
Fighting with criminal in NYC had been started from broken windows and zero-tolerance.
EU must show that we want to have refugees here also law-abiding. Unfortunately, we have no way to show it except zero-tolerance. Especially on the first step. Refugees must be registered on the EU border or returned back.


Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.