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Greece without cash.

EU expected from Greeks actions, not penitence – so, probability of Greexit is more than 50% yet. Russia is even ready to help their “orthodox brothers” with printing new drachma-coupon banknotes.
However, there is a thing that even Tsipras is agree – Greece must tight the screws. Cash flows must be put under control.
Now Greece has opportunity to build first in the world non-cash economy. Something like Swedish and Danish dream about.
Let’s establish Drachma without printing banknotes and coins. Money are existing just on bank accounts and on credit cards. For the citizens, who want to keep money – let’s create 100%-state-owned “non-credit” bank which just keeping money, without investing\crediting. Keeping and transferring by request.

As result – Greece has clear cash flows. Greece does not have shadow economics (locals could not pay to illegals by bank transfers and no one would pay to illegals using deficient EURO). Greece becomes healthier.

It is just opportunity for Greece. Country need to feel it as a challenge.


Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.