Hi, folks! My name is Oleh.
I am a changes manager.
If you clearly understand that your business is in a deep hole and you don't know what to do with - just call me.

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To win you must change yourself and change your business.
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Restart your CRM. Event in Ljubljana.

CRM is the most popular managerial software.

As for the most popular - a satisfactory rate for this software is incredibly low.

My lecture - for an unsatisfied. If you have CRM and feel “It should work better” - welcome.

Or probably you already failed a CRM implementation? You'll be impressed with answers and recipies.

I’m going to talk not about CRM. CRM is - according to the name - just instrument of management. Instrument of relationships.

So, I’m going to talk about the relationships. Relationships between a company owner, salesmen and software. Correct establishing of this relationships is my secret. You also discover why your company cannot grow fast.

I have dozens of successful CRM implementations. Successful not for me, but for company owners. There were absolutely different - by price, platform, functionality - CRM products. ‘cause secret is not in a functionality. Secret is in the attitude.

Sat, Apr 1 2017, 10:00
Coworking AURA
Tržaška cesta 36, Ljubljana 1000

39 eur
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Being determines consciousness

British scientists have modelled the scenario of a zombie-apocalypse.
As result, they said, 100 days after population of the Earth should be 200 humans and 190 millions zombies.
I guess that "British" is main factor of this model. American scientists in the same model would consider an availability of personal weapon. British colleagues can't even imagine it.


Do you understand, my dear CEO, the difference between FREEDOM and CHAOS?
I am sure that the only difference is ability of people to negotiate.
Absence of a negotiation ability means than FREEDOM is equal CHAOS.
By the way. Those who say that a morality can substitute a negotiation ability - those are most cynic and immoral personalities ever.