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One time a neighbor came to Herodotus and asked:
- Hi, Herodotus. I have an argument with my friend. It was bad harvest a couple years ago and he asked me for credit. I’ve loaned him 5 drachmas and he’s returned the loan next year. Then my son joined to a potter’s trainee group and I asked my friend for a loan – so, he gave me 6 drachmas. I had returned those 6 drachmas, but me friend asked me for 2 drachmas more – he was going to buy a goat. Next time I’ve crashed my boat and asked him for 5 drachmas to fix it. Came home with fish I’ve returned him 5 drachmas but he asked me for 7 more ‘cause his home burned while I sailed. I gave him 7 drachmas. Two weeks ago we visited hetairas and spent 3 drachmas together. He drunk three times more vine – instead I fucked two times more girls. So tell me, wisest sapient – who owes to whom and how much?
Herodotus said:
- Neighbor, look. You spoke so much about the money. I see - you and your friend experienced a lot together. Why do you think about a money? Try to think about friendship. He is really your best friend.
- Oh, Zeus damn, - neighbor murmured, - I forgot you are fucking historian. I need Eratosthenes. – and gone.


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