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No analysis outside the processes

I have good analytical skills – it is the way you call my fantasies, my dear CEO

Sometimes I create analytical reports as add-ins over your systems. It is really amazing reports that show absolutely fresh view on your business, my dear CEO.

I am really good analyst. And, additionally to my reports, I create counters – who and how many times runs my reports.

Can you predict – what my counters show me?
Absolutely true. Something about zero. Historical maximum is less than dozen times.

So, last 10 years I usually do a bit more for you than promised.

Additionally to creating reports, I integrate these reports to the managerial processes. Not for you and not for executives. For ordinal managers, like controller or plant manager. It is only way to make my reports usable and useful.
Reports without integration to the processes are dead-born, my dear CEO.
Sad but true.

Crisis management. Finance management. ERP implementation. Just call.